Next Workshop Starts: October 26th 1:30 pm - $129


Cross Fade and BeatMatch are our introductory DJ workshops designed specifically for people that want to jump in and experience the challenges and fun  of DJing.  No experience is required and no previous musical training is expected.  The workshop is limited to 9 participants and each participant has exclusive use of  their own Serato/Roland DJ Controller and Computer with Serato Pro.  Each workshop is two hours long with CrossFade being a single two hour session and BeatMatch allowing more exploration over 3 separate sessions; 1 per week.

 A Few Details

  • Overview of DJ Controller layout & Serato software

  • Concepts of mixing

  • Nudging with the platter control

  • Cue Markers

  • Serato Sync Features

  • X fader Curves

  • Headphone Cue.

  • Cue Assignments

  • Channel Effects

  • Deck Effects

  • Changing and tweaking Deck Effects

  • Looping and autoloop Function

  • Serato Beat Jump

  • Track Selection and overview of Crates and Library Management

  • Analyzing new Tracks for Tempo and Key information

  • Prepping library and new songs,

  • Beat Grid overview and time aligning tempo on songs that change bpm

  • TR-S Drum machine basics and overview, sequencing basics

  • Concepts of Mixing in Key

  • Overview of Camelot wheel (Mixing in Key)

  • Scratching overview and basic moves and exercises

Garth Poon