Next Workshop starts: November 7th 7:15pm - $129


Short Circuit and SessionMaster are our software based, introductory workshops designed specifically for people that want to explore creating and producing electronic music on their computer or anyone that has acquired a versions of ABLETON LIVE and wants to wants to more fully exploit this powerful tool.  Typically the workshops are offered on the same evening three successive weeks.  No experience over previous musical training is required.  Each workshop is two hours long with Short Circuit being a single two hour session and SessionMaster allowing more exploration over 3 separate sessions; 1 per week.

In addition to diving into more features and techniques, the SessionMaster workshop will explore controllers, midi control assignments and Roland MX-1 and Ableton Live integration.  Effect techniques, chains and racks and drum rack and instruments are also explored. The workshop is limited to 9 participants and each participant has exclusive use of their own studio “pod”.  No equipment is required of the participants

Who should attend?

  1. Anyone with a keen interest in electronic music and who wants to dig deeper into Ableton Live. 

  2. Anyone who has used ABLETON Live or FL Studio in the past and got frustrated with discovering a path forward that made sense for them.

  3. Anyone who has traditional musical knowledge or training and wants to explore electronic music production and the capabilities of ABLETON Live.

Garth Poon